A 360° Approach to Security

Integra is a holistic approach to security that blends technology with the human expertise to achieve higher security at a lower cost to our clients.

integra wheel

Security Analyzed from Every Angle

Using the ten focus areas represented in the Integra wheel, Prosegur’s consultants analyze the current security posture of our clients, emphasizing three areas: overall security, manpower deployed and total budget invested. We are then able to offer recommendations that increase security while also reducing both the costs and the manpower required through a careful combination of technology solutions and traditional guarding.

Our Most Comprehensive Security Solution

Control center

Security Operations Center

We guarantee remote, 24 hour surveillance every day of the year, adapted to you processes and procedures. We ensure the security of your people and assets, and respond immediately to any incidents.

Business risk analysis

Business Risk Analysis

We take a comprehensive view of your security posture, identify potential risks and areas for improvement, and work with you to ensure optimum security for your organization.

Data Management

Data Management

We continually analyze and manage information we collect to look for potential vulnerabilities, and share our findings with you in a transparent manner.

Key Benefits of Prosegur Integra

security 360

360° approach to security

Engineering and innovation

Optimization and efficiency of security

Guarantee of continuity of operations

Business continuity planning

Optimization of investment in security

Highly skilled teams with the most advanced technology

Security and Risk Consulting

Comprehensive risk analysis

Global Risk Advisory

Global solutions adapted to each client

The Integra Approach